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Originally Posted by Thorpesaurous
It's reviewed pretty damn well. Normally I preorder stuff, but I got scared off of this one enough to wait. I wasn't thrilled with the first one. But this seemed to address a lot of the issues I had with it. It's unfortunate to hear the driving is bad. That was one of my concerns.

I'm still considering getting it, and I probably will. But I still haven't started Tomb Raider, and I'd prefer to play that. And I also pre-ordered Mafia against my better judgment, and never got around to playing that, although my brother did, and the few times I saw it, it seemed awful. The dialogue while driving was enough for me to decide I wasn't interested.

I started Tomb Raider. So far so good, but with the holiday busy-ness starting I haven't devoted much time to it.

How was Mafia III. Did you preorder RE&?
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