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Blazers got raped, only conselation is Magloire is an expirer. Did you see him play last year? He sucks. He's regressed for sure and I don't think he's very skilled. Just big. Bucks win the trade because they got the best player in the deal, Blake, who also fills a need as a PG and a stabilizer as well. With a great contract. Redd and Bogut will love Blake. Bobby Simmons too. Ha Sap is just a throw-in and Skinner sucks too, but he only has one more guaranteed year on his deal.

Hotsizzle what the Bucks got from Portland is worlds better than Mihm and a filler. Mil had too much in the frountourt and needed to add a PG. so why would they want Mihm? Better to turn Magloire into something that can help the team.

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