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Default Re: Rank the 25-under Quarterbacks

Originally Posted by 1987_Lakers

1. Carr
2. Mariota
3. Prescott
4. Winston
5. Wentz
6. Siemian
7. Bortles
8. Goff
9. Osweiler

this is probably how i would list them

I am so sad about Carrs ankle. The raiders are one of the most entertaining teams in the league, and I was really looking forward to seeing what Carr and the Raiders could do in the playoffs.

Mariota is pretty underrated around here, he has been very impressive considering the tools he is working with. Mariotas red zone stats are beyond absurd - 116.3 passer rating, with 30 touchdown passes and zero interceptions for his career.

Theres something about winston that is fundamentally likable. His teammates seem to believe in him and if he was my QB for the future I would probably believe too.

Prescott is hard to rank. He has been absolutely spectacular for Dallas this year, and hes should probably be the 1b to Carrs 1a if the list is based on body of work this season. That said Dallas seems like such a perfect spot to incubate a young QB, I have a hard time believing Prescott would be anywhere near as impressive if he was trying to carry a team like Denver or whatever.

Wentz is hard to rank too. He has looked excellent at times and terrible at times too, which is probably to be expected with a starting rookie QB. I am not really sure what to make of him.

Bortles and Osweiler should not be starting QBs in this league. Not enough data on Goff quite yet.
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