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Default Re: Best college players to watch going into the 2016-17 season

Originally Posted by DaHeezy

Awesome work buddy!
Although I think you got Fox and Jackson severely too low. If anything I say Jackson goes one regardless of team. The much upside is too much to pass up. If the Sixers take Fultz I can see them moving Noel and taking Bam Adebayo and have a front court of Simmons Adebayo and Embiid. If not have Adebayo as an insurance package if Embiid goes down.

If New Orleans doesn't take a PG them 100% take Jackson. That's McGrady and Yao part 2.

I'm just not a Jackson fan man, in fact, I forgot to even put him in my lotto initially but know he'll get taken somewhere.

In all reality, Fox is probably #2/3 on my rankings but I was trying to go with how I think it'll play out as opposed to just flat out rankings.

Bam would be such a great pick-up for Philly, him and Embiid would just wreak havoc with the offense/defense up there.

I was also going to put Ike Anigbogu going in the mid 20s, but didn't want to be called a homer, though I can see a team promising him just due to his body and athleticism.
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