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Originally Posted by mavsfan4zindagi
Where da ***** did I say they were real?

@ this clown thinking that fake tits can't be perfect. Why da ***** would they get em if not to make em look "perfect". I know she's got a fake rack, doesn't mean they don't look good.

How bout you just stick to Donna and her pale saggy a$$ A cups and STFU.

"why would they get em if not to make them look perfect?" Maybe because they were flat before... someone with naturally nice ones such as Scarlett or Salma wouldn't need to nor would they want implants. Someone else said it best later, anyone that's felt naturally big tits would not talk up fake ones, just too stiff and too "planted on". Some implants can be well done, but Aguilera's is almost like Pam Andersons, in the sense that it just looks planted on, only your virgin never-touched-a-girl-dirk-loving ass can call it "PERFECT".

And if you're referring to Donna, aka Laura Prepon, she has naturally big rack like Scarlett too, you obviously don't know what you're talking about if you're calling her A cup

a cup?
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