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Default Resident EVII

Has anyone played?

I consider myself a huge fan. 1, 2, and 4 are all among my favorite games ever. The series is admittedly pretty bloated with junk.

Typically this is a series I'd pre-order, but my disappointment with the last few entries, particularly the last one, which I didn't even finish (5 with Sheva I didn't mind that much actually, it just didn't feel like a RE game), along with this changing to First Person, which I'm really not fond of, as well as a couple bad pre-order experiences of late, along with a few other things that seemed to just make this game deviate from the cannon, and I just felt compelled to see some reviews.

Well, reviews are in and are pretty consistently solid. And after reading some of them, even the complaints are things I'm interested in, like it being too exploratory. So I ordered it last night.

Just checking to see if anyone else has gotten going yet? I know there's a few other RE guys on here.
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