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Default Re: Browns LT Joe Thomas says the Browns should take Myles Garrett

Originally Posted by ballinhun8
Niners actually have the second pick bro lol. And I see them taking either of the guys you mentioned. And yea I see alot of mocks picking Allen for us but to me DLine is just not a major need for this team. The fans still go to games but they are constantly losing ticket sales because of where this team is headed. I already believe we have a solid front 7 when healthy so we need to inject juice on the offense. Someone that fans are going to want to see. It's pretty sad when the most popular jerseys going into the stadium are either Butkus, Payton, Urlacher, or Briggs.
Right. Forgot about the Niners.

To me, when you have a Top 3 pick, you just take the best player available. And, you can never have enough depth or talent in your front-7, especially along the line. Allen is the only one close to Garrett, imo, just in terms of sheer talent, skillset, measurables, production, etc.

The point Joe Thomas brought up in the article is a good one. If you take a defensive lineman like Garrett or Allen and they don't quite live up to their billing, you still likely have a solid player who is going to give you some production. Obviously, best case scenario is you have a beast who makes the Pro Bowl every year. But, there is so much more room for error on a position like that as opposed to QB.

With the quarterback position being addressed with that high of a pick, you either hit it out of the park and have your franchise guy, or you've wasted a Top 3 pick completely. It's a high stakes game of chicken and this is the wrong class for it, imo.

You also can't worry about selling tickets or getting some name guy... because, unless they hit, no one will give a sh!t if he was a big name college player two years from now. Johnny Manziel is the perfect example. Yep, the Browns made a splash with that pick. And, the fans were really fired up ... until we saw him play.

Take the BPA regardless of position. If Allen is still there at #3, the Bears would be foolish to pass, imo. Closest thing to a sure-fire star outside of Garrett.
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