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So I have had very little time. But managed to get through the first half hour or so, which amounts to very little at the pace I play. I just got to the first save point really. And I haven't actually killed anything, or even seen anything.

But even with just that, the tone and mood are just crazy. I'm genuinely scared while I'm playing. The sound design is incredible. The house makes all manner of weird noises. Creaking and squishing and cracking. Part of the reason I've gone so slow is because I've been legitimately scared moving around a corner. I've actually not even interacted with some items just for fear of what they might do, as I'd like to get better acquainted with my surroundings still.

The story is interesting, and a totally fresh start. Although I heard there's some potential tie in, it starts out totally fresh. And it's interesting coming in as an every man, and not a SWAT team member. However I am irked at this bozo for driving to the middle of nowhere in search of his long missing wife alone, and unarmed, and with little more than a pocket flashlight. Just not very smart.

I did run into one interesting game play element. I picked up a VCR tape to play, and thought I would get a short cut scene, but instead wound up with a playable sequence. It's a nice way to mix up the game play and move around the narrative, and not something I can recall seeing before.

I'm still bothered by the First Person. There's even a message at the start to turn off the camera shake feature if it's bothering you, which is intended for the VR functionality, but it feels like the design of the game for the VR almost closed the field of vision generally for the game anyway. It makes the game scarier for sure, even though I haven't even had anything pop out at me yet, but it's still tough on my head. Fortunately it's short. I've heard 10 - 15 hours. There's even a trophy for finishing it in 5 or something, so obviously once you know what's coming, you can plow through it. My hope is that I can play an extended stretch this weekend, but next weekend for sure I should be able to dump more time into it.
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