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Great signing! This gives you a veteran who was a huge part to two Eastern Conference title teams. He also will be able to tutor rookie Paul Davis who I think was a great draft pick. Williams plays very well if given a substansial amount of minutes. Donald Sterling does have a plan, and a genius one I might add. Sure he over paid for Timmy, but I'd rather over pay for him than retain Radmanovic. He re-signed Cassell to a very nice bargain. I don't want to hear any more about Iverson coming here. First of all he will be in Philly next year and the Clippers don't need him. Do you think Cassell and Iverson will co-exist together? The two would be fighting over ball control supremacy. You also don't want to give up your future in Livingston and Maggette who gives you versatility and has been with the organization for over half of a decade. This team is definately in the top 4 for the west, maybe top 3. I can't believe the Clippers are actually trying to win with Sterling as owner! Here is their depth chart for this coming year.
SF- Ross, Thomas, Korolev
PF-Brand, Davis, Singleton
C- Kaman, Williams, Rebraca
PG- Cassell, Livingston, Ewing
SG- Mobley, Maggette, Diaz
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