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Originally Posted by Ai2death
THE RETURN... wow, i started this thread 3 years ago and it's still here. May as well provide an update while i'm visiting.

Finals coming up for my local req league, playing A/B Grade & finished 2nd, placing us in A grade. Since we finished second, we play the top placed team tonight, then the loser verses the winner of 3 & 4 next week, then whoever wins that game goes onto play the team who won between 1 & 2.

We versed the top team twice during the season, losing by 9 each time. They are really good 3pt shooters and just have a 10 minute run each time, where we claw our way back each time. I hate versing this team though, they're feral & they talk mad shit and they know they're good. Just not an enjoyable game. Unfortunately a couple of our players are hot heads too so that doesn't help and the game turns into juts trying to stop our guys doing something stupid... Should be great haha

I don't know whats worse, the fact that you document your mens league games or that I took the time to read this

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