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Default Re: 2017 Off Season Thread

Originally Posted by ~primetime~

That's two years old, couldn't find an updated one, but 58% of Brady's passes were less than 10 yards, ranked #1 in the NFL. I guarantee not much has changed.

The entire reason Edelman is seen as one of the best slot guys is because he's in NE, that's all they do. He's the #1 WR on the team.

Not that it means they are needing Cruz, it just seems like the type of player NE would look at to me.

I'm not gonna get into no advanced metrics but Brady this past season ranked 2nd in the league in yards per pass attempt. Sure that can mean his receivers get alot YAC from short pass attempts like you mention but it also means that New England do throw it deep. Especially when you have a gifted TE like Gronk who Brady constantly looks for deep and is one of best deep threats in the league. Then there's Hogan who is becoming another deep threat option for Brady as he has the size and physicality that Edelman and Amendola lack. Patriots do throw it deep and they're very good at it, make no mistake about that.

As for Edelman it's time to give the guy some props. When healthy he's consistency putting up very good numbers and rarely has bad games. There's some questions about his catching ability (makes some drops) but he makes up for it elsewhere in toughness, ability to grab YAC, route running, etc. Most importantly this guy is money in big games.
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