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Default Re: Browns LT Joe Thomas says the Browns should take Myles Garrett

Originally Posted by knickballer
I would agree with you for most NFL teams but this is the Browns. It seems like they always had that logic in passing up QB's early in the draft due to concerns of them not being ready or overrated and then they draft a QB later in the draft(They selected Weeden, Manziel, Quinn the latter first round, McCoy in the 2nd round, etc..) They never selected a QB that was touted to be a "Franchise QB" with their top picks despite them having a shit ton of top 5 picks over the years and instead drafted players with alot of questions or not as talented(Manziel was a maniac, Weeden was like a 30 year old QB, McCoy never had the potential, Quinn was hyped but had issues with arm strength, etc). Sometimes you have to take a gamble on that QB. Especially for an organization like the Browns who never had a decent QB and don't have the history in place to win without a QB(Like the Ravens for example). But that being said I have no clue on how good the QB's in the draft are so maybe passing up is the best idea.

BTW, Why didn't Kessler play more last year? I know he had injury problems but it seemed odd they'd bench a rookie QB who was playing well for RG3 coming off injury. Why not see what he was made of?
It was lambs to the slaughter with that offensive line. Kessler wasn't ready for that kind of pressure. RG3 was basically a tackling dummy by the end of the year.
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