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Default Re: can someone explain the intricacies of the triangle offense to me?

Originally Posted by geeWiz15
basically as far as what I know the point of the triangle is to give the post up player the easiest time scoring it. option 1 is the 1 dribbles it up and gives it to a wing and then goes to the corner. this creates a triangle with the center and the wing who has the ball. it optimizes feeding the post because there's no way the other team's center can deny the ball- if he fronts the Center, it's an easy lob, if he plays weak side the wing can swing to the 1 who passes it to the C and he's got an easy baseline move to the hoop, or, as usually happens, the 3 gets the easiest post feed ever.

another thing is it isn't always the center who posts up, sometimes other guys do it too.

that's why it's called the triangle. but after that everything gets subjective and it's an organic offense. depending on how the defense plays it, there are a variety of cuts and motions. but the essence of it is optimizing organized post play. if that sounds obvious and common it really isn't, as most NBA teams go with a pick and roll offense and some go with a motion and some (Cavs) don't have any offense at all. I guess it makes sense most teams don't use it, as it minimizes the role of the PG and maximizes post play, and most teams have much better point guard play than they have post play. it also requires 5 guys, 4 at the very least, who absolutely know what they're doing out there, or it won't work as well because it requires judgment and basketball IQ, and hardest of all, off-ball awareness.

Our offense is, "get the ball to LeBron 30 feet outside the basket and make him absorb as much contact as humanly possible as he drives to the lane, which will therefore make him peak at 26 years of age because of the constant pounding" or something like that.

Our ball movement has been decent at times, but Mike Brown will never be confused for Tex Winters.
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