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Default Re: 2017 Off Season Thread

Originally Posted by Charlie Sheen
Bless, these Seattle writers are meh about Luke Wilson. Like it's a foregone conclusion he's gonna get PAID in free agency and they don't want the hawks to be the ones doing it. He's a good player though. Just can't be paying him and Jimmy I guess.

I like Luke willson.

He's fast. Can catch. Can block. Solid.

I think he will get PAID on the free market, cus you know everyone usually gets over paid when a team really needs position.

We got jimmy graham on the books for 10 million this year. I was on record as saying we should have cut him last year and took that money for our line because of his devastating injury, but he bounced better than I thought.

I don't know what Luke is aksin for , but I wouldn't mind locking him in long term for 7-8 million a year. He's a solid tight end.
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