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Default Re: 2017 Off Season Thread

Originally Posted by Mex-Laker
As a Skins fan, do you want Cousins leading your team?

I'm sure he's done a fine job, don't know why this team isn't giving him a long term contract..

It's a weird situation. The numbers are there. Everything but red zone efficiency checked out this past season yet the season before he was great at finishing drives.

However, committing $23-$25 mill a season who still has some 'intangible' questions in relation to winning a Super Bowl, I guess I can understand the Skins not running to write franchise changing checks on a whim.

If it were me, I would try to make it work long term but paying over $24 mill a season for a QB who has never won a playoff game is a tough area.

Make no mistake though, Kirk Cousins in the Gruden offense is a top 10-12 QB in the NFL.

Hope it works out but although this appears like a slam dunk from an outside perspective, it's really not.
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