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Default Re: 2017 Off Season Thread

Originally Posted by Bless Mathews
Red skins are weirdos.

They'll give all these historically TURRIBLE contracts to Albert haynsworth n shit but won't lock in a qb that's "good"

An above average qb is really hOard to find.

Teams can go decades without having a "good" qb (top 10-12)

Agree with you. Pay the man. Who cares if he's not Ryan, Rodgers or Brady? Those guys will never be available anyway. What's easily overlooked is the fact, he's also not a Bortles, Kaep or Osweiler.

They still got time to get it done long term, but Cousins is holding all the cards now. He balls out and the Skins are looking real bad next offseason. Real bad. He has a lousy season? An I told you so isn't worth much to me, but I ain't a redskins fan. If the FO, Snyder, whoever doesn't have confidence in Cousins and Gruden, move on already. This is setting up 2017 to be a shitshow.
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