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Default Re: anyone else beginning to notice how good Jose Calderon Is?

I didnt get the big deal the nand I dont now. Hes a good backup point from what ive seen. TJ Ford is easily superior from what ive seen. And I mean very very easily.
No way in hell. I think TJ's better too, but Calderon isn't a typical backup PG. He's going for 6 assists in under 20 minutes here. Great finisher at the rim, a little like Tony Parker where you can't even believe that they got it over the arms of the bigmen, but it always goes down.

Check the games where he had around 40 minutes.

24/11 in 39 min
14/10 in 40
10/8 in 38
14/8 in 42
19/11 in 40
12/12 in 35

That's no coincidence. He's a brilliant penetrator, and his shots been improving since he started getting consistent minutes last year. Defense is still suspect, and probably one of the main reasons TJ gets the edge (among other smaller advantages TJ has), but that really is his only weakness. He's not a guy you'd want on a team like the Cavs, because he doesn't spot up, but on a team relying on their PG for more than just shooting? They should pray for this guy.

He's more than a good backup, that's for sure.
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