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Default Re: Sneaker Prices Out of Control

Originally Posted by DaHeezy
Those kids buying those NMD's and Yeezy's are nothing but little hypebeasts thinking a shoe defines them and their status. No wonder a socially ackward person like Sajo would be all over them and brag about a steal

Jordan's maybe for historical value and nostalgia. But some ugly ass knitting with styrofoam on the bottom? only the sheep would follow the masses off a cliff
I'd actually have more respect (less disdain) with kids wearing NMDs than one wearing retro Jordans. You're absolutely right, Jordans are for nostalgia, same reason why nike could charge over $200 for them. They are marketed to older people who can spend the $200.

But for teenagers? Absolute sheep. How can they connect to the shoe when they couldn't possibly have watched the man play in his prime. More disappointed with their parents spending that kind of cash just so their kid could fit in.

With NMDs, it's actually a reasonable price point, looks comfortable, and most importantly it defines their generation. Let the kids love sneakers of today. They don't need some old guy telling them what's cool or not, they can decide for themselves.
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