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Default Re: anyone else beginning to notice how good Jose Calderon Is?

Kind of like Ben Gordon and a starting SG position.

That just...doesnt make sense. At all. I see maybe one thing I said there that could in any way be applied to Ben and its a pretty non specific thing that could potentially be said of anyone.

No way in hell. I think TJ's better too, but Calderon isn't a typical backup PG. He's going for 6 assists in under 20 minutes here. Great finisher at the rim, a little like Tony Parker where you can't even believe that they got it over the arms of the bigmen, but it always goes down.

Check the games where he had around 40 minutes.

24/11 in 39 min
14/10 in 40
10/8 in 38
14/8 in 42
19/11 in 40
12/12 in 35

That's no coincidence. He's a brilliant penetrator, and his shots been improving since he started getting consistent minutes last year. Defense is still suspect, and probably one of the main reasons TJ gets the edge (among other smaller advantages TJ has), but that really is his only weakness. He's not a guy you'd want on a team like the Cavs, because he doesn't spot up, but on a team relying on their PG for more than just shooting? They should pray for this guy.

He's more than a good backup, that's for sure.

He is a backup...with little chance of taking over as starter...on a team where the starter isnt even all star level himself. Hes a backup to a guy who is basically a slightly above average starting point himself.

TJ Ford...the teams clear starter probably forever is maybe in the 9-15 range in the league. Not all these guys are inarguably better but they are all at least in the same range...

AI(not exactly a point but hes a 25/8 player who does most of the ball handling in the games ive seen)
Tony Parker

TJ might be #11 or 12 in the league. I dont know what people want to call Barbosa, Jason Terry, and Devin Harris but all of them are playing great as well. Point is...there are a lot of guys at the position playing on a similar level to TJ(or guys like Bibby who will be back shortly). If the guy starting isnt all that special(elite level wise) what is his backup?

Ive watched the guy a bit. I get why people like him. But ive seen nothing that puts him on another level from Speedy Claxton in his best years(pre Hawks) or Charlie Bell last year(not exactly a point but something like it). Earl Boykins when he was a 6th man of the year contender. Carlos Arroyo in Utah. Hes a good playmaker but hes not starting on many teams.

I dont think being a good backup means youre on the bench for everyone. He could start for some teams in an awful position PG wise but the list of teams he has a good shot to start on isnt long. I count about 8 with only 6 of them being likely. If a team has an average starting point(top 15 or so) he shouldnt be the teams starter. Thats pretty much the definition of good backup to me. If you have a good pointguard situation he should be the #2. If you have a bad one...hes fighting for the starter spot.

I dont think hed start in any situation that Utah level Carlos Arroyo or Hornets level Speedy Claxton wouldnt. Hes probably a better player skill by skill than a few of these guys but I cant see him as the starter on a team not looking for a better point. I dont think anyone is content with him as the consistient starter. There are teams he could be third string on. In fact there are 2 teams in texas alone that he might not be #1 or #2 on.

In the big book of basketball definitions he should be the picture next to "Backup pointguard".

Hes good at it...but hes a backup point.

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