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Default Re: Best college players to watch going into the 2016-17 season

Originally Posted by qrich

Add some color. At least put the team logos next to their draft pick or something.

Too much bold, black lettering to read for every pick.

From a UK fan's perspective:

On a related note: No ****ing way does Bam get taken that high. He's been very underwhelming. He may not even be a first round pick. I wouldn't take him in the first round. He'll get drafted on potential but outside of a handful of games, he's been a nobody.

On a related related note: Monk is going to be drafted high, but I think he'll be a disappointment. Kevin Martin 2.0. Dude went 77 game minutes without getting a rebound.

I also think Fox is a top 10 pick. He may not be picked there, but he will end up with the value there when its all said and done.
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