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Default Re: anyone else beginning to notice how good Jose Calderon Is?

Originally Posted by Kblaze8855
I dont think hed start in any situation that Utah level Carlos Arroyo or Hornets level Speedy Claxton wouldnt. Hes probably a better player skill by skill than a few of these guys but I cant see him as the starter on a team not looking for a better point. I dont think anyone is content with him as the consistient starter. There are teams he could be third string on. In fact there are 2 teams in texas alone that he might not be #1 or #2 on.

I haven't seen so much Speedy with the Hornets, but I can tell you that Calderon is clearly better than Arroyo's prime in Utah.

In Texas? I only see Parker being (clearly) above Jose. He would fight for the spot with Harris in Dallas. In both places he would be backup without problem (god, Barea would never be able to compete with him). And for me he is currently above Alston and Mike James, not to mention Steve Francis.
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