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Default Re: Could Candace Parker play in the NBA?

Originally Posted by AI Nuggets3
i remember about 5 yrs ago prime Venus Williams said she could easily play men's tennis.

so the 300th ranked man in the world challenged her and beat her 6-0.

Didn't know about this, but I remember hearing about Lindsay Davenport. Her husband played tennis on a high amateur level during his youth or something and she wouldn't play a game of tennis against him because she knew she couldn't defeat him.

We are talking prime Davenport, she was no. 1 in the WTA, and she didn't dare to play against a former amateur tennis player.

At the Australian Open that year, the Williams sisters boasted that they could beat a man ranked past 200 in the world. As it happened, German Karsten Braasch (then ranked 203) was in attendance and took them up on the offer. He beat Serena and Venus back to back by the score of 6-1 and 6-2. Braasch noted that the morning of the "matches", he had played a round of golf and consumed several beers.[3] Afterwards the sisters revised their statement and stated they could beat men ranked past 350 in the world. Humorously, due to the expiring nature of ATP points, Braasch was slated to lose a significant number of points in the following few weeks and would drop below 350.

Anyway, it's the same thing for pretty much any sport. You watch a women's league and you'd think the best players might be able to compete on some lower level male league. But if you'd actually put them there you will notice how big the difference actually is.

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