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Default Why aren't teams/franchises more upset over poor ft%?

When I started playing fantasy hoops last year, it was alarming to see the horrendous ft% across the league. It would be naive of me to think that teams aren't doing things to work on this, but why isn't it a bigger focus? I remember a few years back reading that teams had special rims installed at practice facilities that were smaller than regulation hoops, and they made their team practice free throws on them, but why isn't it a more pressing issue if it means scoring more points each night and putting yourself closer in more games?

It seems like, in a strictly business sense, that a team would be more demanding of better ft%, especially when it came to individual practice, proper coaching, correct form and technique, if it meant scoring an average of five points more per night at least. While I understand that it isn't an EASY fix, with all of the time and money devoted to scouting, offensive and defensive sets, and all the other things an organization does just to get a step ahead, I can't believe this wouldn't be one of them. I also know that there will always be people who can't shoot ft's well, but if these incredible athletes can learn to hit fadeaways, runners and 27 foot three pointers against the toughest defenders in the world, why can't they sink free throws?

Does it all just come down to a desire to be good at shooting them? Do you attribute the lack of this skill to the attitude of young players today (as in, I'd rather practice my dunks than practice ft's), or is it bigger than that? Like I said, I'm not trying to act naive, but it just seems like a simple way to score more without doing anything different during a game, like playing a more efficient game, getting the most points you can out of your team each night. Thoughts?
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