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Default Re: Chris Kaman thoughts

I've been saying for so long that I thought he'd be an allstar within the next few years, voted in by the coaches after Ming. That was when I was still under the impression that Amare was a forward of course.

Really though, I've been impressed since his rookie year, and I was just waiting for him to break out. Last year was a major disappointment, because he's got all the tools. One of the reasons he's one of my favourite players, because he's really got it all. As has been mentioned, he's always had amazing touch with either hand around the basket. Very controlled in the post, rarely throwing up anything wild. He can go with a power game, but he's also quick off his feet, and he can hit the little jumper. Rebounding and shotblocking have always been there for him.

I'm glad he's finally getting a chance to show off his skillset as the number one option in the post, although it does suck that it had to come at the expense of Brand. I've been waiting for him to prove everyone wrong about his new contract. Nice to see him put in the work to do it.
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