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Default Re: can someone explain the intricacies of the triangle offense to me?

Just to get it right. You got the regular triangle on the strong side with the center up top, the PG in the strong side corner and the two swingmen on both wings. The strong side swingman cuts along the baseline, the weakside moves towards the top and if there isnt a viable scoring situation with those moves, the high post player will make a move towards either side and the only viable help is from the former strong side corner or the weakside wing? Is that it? Basically some sort of a triangle morphed into a 2-1-2 situation with two up top, a high post and two corner/wing players?

If that, I see how KG would fit well in there, since he can shoot it well from there, take a long stride towards the basket or pass it out if he gets the double team.

I'm ending up with my strongside triangle being PG (Rondo) in the corner, my Center (Perkins) at the strong wing, almost in the high post, and my PF (Garnett) on the block. This is awkward, because it requires at least one of my bigs to by a good ball handler, at least in terms of decision making.
There's almost an infinite number of ways to get into that arangement. You can run pick and pop with Pierce and Rondo, then run a flare screen to the weakside from Perkins.

The advantage to this, as opposed to the usual triangle, is that it leaves both wings (Pierce and Ray Allen) on the weakside. This seriously diminishes the quality of help over there, as there isn't going to be much size. It also increases the firepower over there. So much so in fact, that the weak side really becomes the focal point of the offense. That's a really strange idea.

It only works if you have post player who's adapt enough a passer to make those cross court passes, and he has to play a bit off of the box in order to pull help away from those two after the ball gets over there. Shaq sits almost too deep in the post, and Jordan may be too small to ask to consistently make those passes.
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