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Default Re: So Steve Nash Free Throws

Originally Posted by steve
Remember Mark Price coming close to record about a season after Williams broke it.
Calvin Murphy held the record for a long time at 78 straight. I remember watching Larry Bird chase Murphy's record. After 71 consecutive, Bird uncharacteristically stepped off of the line and looked nervous as he missed his next shot. That was one of the stranger moments I have witnessed in my time watching the NBA. That is the only time that I ever saw Bird wilt under intense pressure (everyone in the gym knew he was going for the record).

How about this for trivia...

At the 1935 Y.M.C.A. Sports Carnival in Chicago, Harold “Bunny” Levitt made 499 consecutive free throws. He missed his 500th attempt, then didn't miss again through 873 attempts. They had to stop him because it was time to close. He made 872 of 873 free throws.

Someone introduce LeBron and Duncan to Harold Levitt.
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