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Default Re: Why aren't teams/franchises more upset over poor ft%?

Originally Posted by MaxFly
I've never really understood it myself. You'd think it would be more of a concern to coaches and the players themselves. It seems that freethrows are often practiced while players are calm and cool... I think players should simulate in-game situations... Run a couple of laps, and then step up to shoot 20 freethows. Yes, you can work on your stroke all day, but you need to train your arms to control the shot when you're breathless and your arms and legs are tired.

good post..

this is a great thread.. i always wondered this myself... ive never played basketball in high school or college, just grammer school days and i play pick up games now, and usually i can go 27-30 on a consistent basis maybe dropping to 25-30.

being a good free-throw shooter doesnt make you a good basketball player, but free throws are so mechanic and fundamental..... you go through the motions, if someone worked on this for like 2 months you could get them to go 9-10 on a consistent basis.. i proved this to myself with the most unathletic individuals i know who dont care for sports..

i know during a game, fatigue, pressure, and such sets in... but a lot of the percentages in the NBA are around 60%, thats pretty fu cking awful considering i know girls in 8th grade that can go 10-10 whenever they feel like it
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