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It's clear we have differing views of what a chucker is. To you it is apparently just someone who takes a lot of shots. Wally takes bad shots. He is a great shooter, but he destroys the offense. Always has, at least in every game I've seen of his. Just a selfish player. Thats just me, I just dont like him though. Just like sakf has an irrational love for him, I have a hate. He doesnt play defense, that will put you in my bad book, I just dont like the guy, Im honest. But to me he is one of the worse chuckers in the league, the fact he does it at a high percentage is about his only saving grace. But its not really a co-incidence that he always loses imo. The year that Minny did great was the year he missed. He started getting in shape and thus shooting more and the Wolves started losing this year. Last year he jacked away and they lost. Again... Ill only mention that god awful contract in passing.
Your definition of "chucker" isn't making any sense. How do you take bad shots while shooting nearly 50%? If you can hit at that high of a rate then for you the shots are good shots. Destroys the offense? What are you talking about? saKf isn't the irrational one here. And if he's the reason that Minnie lost, why was Minnie's record better pre-trade than post-trade? Minnie's good year featured a healthy Sam Cassell and Spree's final good season. Your critique of Wally is ridiculous.
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