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Default Re: anyone else beginning to notice how good Jose Calderon Is?

If you really think Iverson, Arenas, Billups, Baron and Bibby are better PG than Tony Parker and Sam Cassell, I can understand all you said above, but I can't understand what you think a good PG is.

Nash, Deron, Paul, Kidd, T. Parker and Cassell are sure the best PG at league, but no one of the others you said (Iverson as PG... not even close). You really need to read that big book you mentioned to learn what a PG is.

It wasnt listed in order.

And pointguards dont have to be pass first any more than power forwards have to be enforcers who rebound and play inside. Tony Parker has never been in a game to make plays. Hes there to get to the basket and score while somewhat setting the tempo and usually bringing the ball up. Parker is no more of a point than Baron Davis. In fact hes a good bit worse as a playmaker. I compare a scoring point to a running quarterback. Running doesnt mean you arent a QB and scoring doesnt mean you arent a point. QBs job to get the ball down the field not to pass for passings sake. A points job is to run the offense. If they are the best scorer its not running the offense well to feed inferior players who wont have any success playing a scorers role.

Iverson has been a point for much of his career. Baron Davis has been for his entire career. Being a point who scores doesnt change that.
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