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Default that's it- it's Andray Blatche's league. (Wiz/Phi GT)

but seriously.

is anyone watching the Wiz/Sixers? first quarter isn't even over yet but in about 5 mnutes, he has hit a jump hook, gone George Gervin on some poor soul for an and1, and dreamshook some loser on the baseline and no-looked to Jamison.

he still doesn't really have an awareness/presence on the court at the NBA level but he's talented and he's got skills. his jumper is wet. he's only 19. will this guy be an NBA starter in a few years? or will he basically just be a taller Travis Outlaw (who, by the way, I find to be somewhat underrated.)

as I type he just hit a reverse layup.

9/2/2 in the 1st quarter 7 mins.

against Portland: 10/4/3 3blk 2stl 26 mins.

against Denver: 11/8/3blk in 22 mins.

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