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Default Re: that's it- it's Andray Blatche's league.

I like him a lot. I think, with PT, he'd be a beast. With Butler, Gilbo and Jamison it'll be hard for him to get significant looks and time with the ball, so for right now he just has to do the dirty work.
the reason Blatche doesn't play is that he has absolutely no court awareness and fouls constantly (a lot of time refs let it go, thankfully). that's the only reason though. once he gets mentally into it, there's room for him in any roster because he's so versatile. he can stand at the 3pt line and stroke it, and he can play center; he can try the high post ala Dirk, or he can be a slasher. and he has the ability to defend pretty much anyone.

considering how much Eddie Jordan loved Jared Jeffries I think he's got a future here. if he actually continues to develop and become a reliable starter Arenas/Young/Blatche/Butler/some Center who doesn't need to be a shotblocker because we'd have one in blatche- is a really exciting future.
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