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Default Re: Best college players to watch going into the 2016-17 season

Originally Posted by qrich
Combine aside, I just think executives being able to see Lonzo more and Fultz less hurts his shots at being the top pick (at the moment, at least). Maybe it's just homerism though .

I was initially going to have the Kings take Lauri at 6 and Fox at 9, but don't see the Knicks passing up on Fox, so went with it that way.

And yes, just going to keep being a Morris-stan. Dude is the best point guard in the NCAA the past four years ;D

Morris is nice as a college player, but don't know how that will transition to the NBA. I thought the same thing about Cam Payne, and we see how he turned out. I wanted to Rockets to take him back in the day.
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