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Default Re: GameThread: Warriors at Knicks(7:30EST)

10 thoughts:

1. I do NOT understand why the Knicks feel the need to run with teams. They ran with the suns, they ran with the Nuggs, and last night they tried to run with the GSW. They've got two big bruising big men inside. You gotta slow that game down to a crawl. Every time the GSW break out, you gotta move even slower on offense. Swing the ball side to side, get the ball inside, no one shoots witrh more than 6 seconds left on the clock. Slow slow slow.

That is the strength of this team - we don't have a SG accurate enough or big men fast enough to run.

2. Probably the reason we don't throw it in more and operate from the post is that Z and Eddy just aren't good with the ball. They can score, but they are AWFUL decision makers. Most of the to's came from Z and Eddy taking on double teams. Z was stepping right into triple teams. Either he doesn't know how to read them or he doesn't know what ot do once they get there.

3. On the pre-game Mark Aguirre was asked about Q's struggles. He said "the things that Q is good at are just not integrated into our system". Well, why the F is that? You've got 5 starters, they can all score. If you can integrate, standing around wathcing Crawford over-handle into your system, you can run a post-up of Or a pick and pop with him.

4. Isiah said that last night's loss wason him. EVERY loss is on him. He built this team he coaches this team. He defends this team. Who else would the loss be on?

5. Gotta give credit to the GSW. they swarmed the ball extremely well last night and finished everything around the basket. A healthy motivated Baron is a short-list MVP candidate. A healthy-motivated Baron is better than Kidd.

6. S.Jax is an amazing player. He spent most of the night on Z. He gave up some boards, but Z didn't really do too much to punish him. The double-teams and Z's ignorance helped BUT S.Jax has to stand him up to buy time for the double team and force him ot catch it out of position. He did that.

7. Someone earlier in the thread mentioned the production at MSG. There isa huge difference. Compared to out of NY games, and some look like they are played in a mist, Laker games are real hard to watch (somehow the court is over-lit), Bulls games are also somehow dull. Magic games are fairly sharp. MSG picture is very good.

8. The Knicks are terrible at protecting their own basket. I don't think they hada block all game. Granted blocks are tough on breaks and the GSW are good, but Eddy has got to clog that lane.

9. They also could not stop any degree of penetration. Somehow on the perimeter they give too much space for open shots, but don't stand far enough away to prevent drives. Its like somehow the exact wrong spot on D.

10. D.Lee tried some SF duty yesterday. I think that experiment is over. A 15 footer would make it impossible ot take him off the floor. Sinc he lacks one, he is much too easy to defend.
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