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Default Re: Why are the Knicks considered "talented"?

You need to make a distinction.

Players can be individually "talented", in that, they can put up the numbers that you need and can compete at a high level. It means you have the scoring and athletic skills to play at a high level.

However, being individually talented doesn't mean you are a great or smart player or know how to win.

So most teams look for guys who are either both talented and know how to win, OR guys with less talent but still know how to win.

The Knicks have done the opposite. Isiah find guys that are simply "talented" castoffs of other teams, but they can't mesh their games and are not smart enough to translate that to wins.....

I could be wrong but NONE of the Knicks (except Malik Rose who doesn't play) have either been to a finals or even got close to the finals. That tells you something....
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