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Default Re: Why are the Knicks considered "talented"?

Originally Posted by Phenomenon
Oh no doubt, they have individual talent...I mean Crawford, Marbury, Curry & Zach are talented players but they don't mesh well, and they make poor decisions. They don't have a good head coach to teach them fundamental basketball, but they are definitely not among the top ten most talented teams in this league which is the consesus I get from a lot of fans.

Another reason Knicks get the "talented" label is because of all the guys that could start for them. Think about it...Lee, Balkman, Robinson, Rose, Jeffries, Collins and Jones could also reasonably start and play major minutes. And these guys are all backups...

So its not that Knicks are so talented, its that they are very deep. But of course again, being deep doesn't translate to wins....
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