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Default Re: Lakers fans, would you be interested in C-Webb?

Originally Posted by LakersFO
Bad Ass...please. All the players have progressed...yes. Lets give them 20-30 more games and see where they are before we proclaim them bad ass.

Webber would be an asset to this team. Chris has the smarts and strength to get his hands on some stls and blks even with his weak knees on defense. Yes he isn't the most athletic player anymore but he is physically imposing at 6'10" 245lbs. I guarantee he plays better than Kwame on both ends of the court. And he plays through injury.

I'll give it up to the Lakers. We are playing very well. Unfortunately i have seen this many times, and it ends up evening out every year.

Purple n Gold play above their heads and in time the creme rises to the top while the Lakers find themselves struggling to make the playoffs. While tanking the back half of the season each of the last 3 seasons. Im not being pesimistic. Its fact.

Three great things happened to the Lakers this week.

1 - Kwame is out indefinitely sprained MCL in his knee and sprained ankle. His court presence is minimal. Bynum will be forced to ball it up. Put up or shut up. His stat line has been decent. Bynums defensive placement is weak. No weakside help. His blocks are more about his length vs his positioning.

2 - Addition by subraction. Cook and Evans minutes will be filled by everybody else. Specifically Radman and Bynum.

3 - Ariza supposed defensive prowess should allow Kobe some help.Giving Kobe a defensive break occasionally. This break would be paramount to Kobe endurance.

Anyways, Mitch actually did something worth clapping for. Finally.
good post. I think he would be an immediate starter and major contributor on this team. somewhere around 12 and 8 in 25 mins. could play both the 4 and 5, is a smarter defender than anyone else on that team (among the bigs) but limited physically. his passing out of the post would be a huge contribution and allow them to be a much efficient triangle with good passers in the post and the wings. Hed be solid for them, and is better than vlad, turiaf and brown even at this stage of his career.
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