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Default Re: For those of you lining up to buy the Air Jordan 1 Royal Blue

Originally Posted by hateraid
The same amount of people who wear KD, Kobe's, Kyrie, Curry's in the mall you fruit cake. People who wear basketball shoes in a mall don't have a clue. Kind of like you

FYI peeps, Bless has no clue that Yeezy's and NMD'S are popular

More people wear Jordan's than Lebrons, Kyrie, curry, whatever combined. Philly is like a foreign country man, seems like

NMD's are probably more popular world wide (not in staates), but still I rarely see people rocking em (I myself got an all white pair).

I don't BALL in J's, I rock em for style. I ball in Kyrie 2's. So if you're talking about that, maybe you're right. Retro's are much more for fashion these days.
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