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Default Re: For those of you lining up to buy the Air Jordan 1 Royal Blue

Originally Posted by 9erempiree
I can buy 3 pairs of Jordans from what I'm about to wear today.

Keep buying those off the rack shoes though.

"I have more money than you, mehehehe"

I don't wanna lower my standards and start a "I have more money than you" argument, because that shit's petty af.

Lemme just say this - it's easy to be able to afford 200-300 dollar shoes when you're the only person in your life. You don't have friends to spend that money on (food, drinks, being a host), you damn sure don't have a girlfriend ( but you have backpage, sets you back like 80-100 per). You aren't investing your money into anything meaningful, and you still drive around in a 2001.
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