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I love Shawn Marion activity and intensity .. but you give the guy one chance to shine last year against spurs .. he just disapear ... this year is the same (a little bit better because Mavs don't have Spurs defense) ...
He's not a play-off player ...
Diaw seems to be one of this clutch guy ... He's lazy attitude is just fake. He's a very good defender on PF and Center ... average one on SG and SF because he's lacking foot quickness to guard guy like Josdh Howard or Stackhouse ... But on 2-3 situations he was very good on this guy ... better than Marion i mean ...

So,i think i give up with Marion ... You're not going to win with a guy who can't create his own shoot.
I take Diaw and hope he can confirm his playoff level with Amare in his side ...

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