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Default Re: For those of you lining up to buy the Air Jordan 1 Royal Blue

Bless L count

1- Keeps asking what are sky Jordans. I intentionally won't answer which infuriates him

2- Keeps calling me a fraud when I've posted countless times my collection and he's only posted one measly pic. Plus I'm the shoe mod with threads asking me to break down shoes

3- Convinced himself he's won when nobody has really came in to discredit me while several came in here to put this guy in his place

4- keeps calling me the same 5 foot gook with a small dicc when all of it isn't true, but we've already proven he acts and types like a 12 year old w!gger

5- Repeats the same story of how my glasses got stolen yet leaves out the part where I shook the guy and got $1700 worth of frames for a loss of $125 Carreras

6- Still types like a w1gger

7- Reveals he messes with dirty Vancouver braods and has STD's

8- He voluntarily keeps bumping this knowing full well I got him on a string like a puppet

This thread is one for the ages. Bless doesn't get he keeps bumping a thread that makes him look like an idiot
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