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Default Re: For those of you lining up to buy the Air Jordan 1 Royal Blue

Originally Posted by SCREWstonRockets
Man this thread is wild i think both of yall have some knowledge of the shoe game but misinformed in some areas. I'll try to chime in..

Well now I can have an uninterrupted conversation without "WHAT ARE SKY JORDANS" being ignorantly repeated by Bless the moron

This where I disagree. Footlocker can sell multiple size runs of the Carolina lows and make more money, as opposed to just one size run of Yeezys. They would not trade their Jordan inventory for a full size run of Yeezys lol that's insane. If you are asking a reseller if they want Carolinas or Yeezy, then obviously yeezy because of availability.

See that's where I think you should go and ask the stores. I'm walking into any FL or Champs that was a high volume store allotted to carry them and they still have the Carolina low on shelf. If the same number of Yeezys were produced with the same number of stores the Yeezys would have been gone even before they hit the shelf through lotto method

Yeezys or UB or NMDs were not even one of the top 10 best selling sneakers of 2016. Not one model. JB sold millions of Space Jams and Flu Games. No yeezy or boost has moved a million pairs of one colorway. Can they if they mass produced them? I don't know. Maybe,maybe not. You have to remember that the people that are into boost, represent a small percentage of people who buy sneakers.

Are you talking over a lifetime? Because yes, they've moved a lot in the past since the shoes have been retried multiple times. You're comparing a lifetime of production to limited pairs. If you scaled it equally then you would see Yeezys are currently dominating the market. go on any shoe forum and ask what's popular RIGHT NOW. 10/10 will say Yeezys

Yes, yeezys/adidas boost and runners in general is all the hype right now. There are people who only like what they can't have (lame). The supplies are low so that pumps up resell prices. Hell, most people buy those just to resell. I've rarely seen anybody wear Yeezy 750s but you'll see retro Jordans everywhere.

EXACTLY what I'm saying. see, you're agreeing with me inadvertently. And the rest I agree. It's a resell item. Not a wearable

The misconception that Jordans are no longer popular or don't sell well are completely false if you look at actual numbers. People act like JB mass producing everything is a bad thing lol. Before all folks did was complain and say why won't nike just make more pairs. Well they did that. I love the fact that I can buy Jordans stress free with relative ease.

See there's the misconception, but then you are eluding to my point. What I'm saying is nobody is buying Jordan figuratively meaning the sole collectors from the Golden age of collecting. The game shifted to a resellers game now. Its a completely new generation. Jordans will be bought in the masses from the nostalgia peeps, but because of the availabilty it doesn't have the wow factor it used to have. They're massed produced. And I bet they would have the same numbers as Kobe's, KD's,and Lebrons. But within the generation still shoe collecting Adaidas has dominated that demographic.

I much rather have mass produced shoes that I can easily buy, versus trying to buy some limited supply kicks that are overhyped and no regular person has a shot to obtain them. And when Jordan does have limited drops, thats where all the hypebeast come back. Just look at the prices for the Kaws x Jordan IV.

As a business as a whole yes. This is perfect for the nostalgia heads and business by the numbers. But for the long time collector it killed the hype and devalues anybody's shoe collection. 7-8 years ago I could have sold off my collection for 4X the retail easily. Now kids are asking below retail. it's ridiculous.

What I'm saying is you can look it as 2 perspectives. You as an avid shoe collector and JB fan and me as an ol skool collector who's collection has been re-retroed to the gills and remembers a time when lining up for shoes was to keep in your collection.

It's a different era just like generation x to the millennials. I'm seeing from a different perspective
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