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Default Re: For those of you lining up to buy the Air Jordan 1 Royal Blue

Originally Posted by hateraid

See that's where I think you should go and ask the stores. I'm walking into any FL or Champs that was a high volume store allotted to carry them and they still have the Carolina low on shelf. If the same number of Yeezys were produced with the same number of stores the Yeezys would have been gone even before they hit the shelf through lotto method

and if those lows were produced in the same numbers as those yeezys, they would have sold out. but if you're going to compare it to yeezys being mass produced like the lows, that changes everything. Because yeezys, zebras specifically aren't produced like that. Yeezys are in demand because people can't get them. Who is to say that people wouldn't get tired of yeezys when everyone can get a pair? Like when JB started mass producing everything.

Are you talking over a lifetime? Because yes, they've moved a lot in the past since the shoes have been retried multiple times. You're comparing a lifetime of production to limited pairs. If you scaled it equally then you would see Yeezys are currently dominating the market. go on any shoe forum and ask what's popular RIGHT NOW. 10/10 will say Yeezys

no, i'm just talking in 2016, the best selling shoes. flu games and space jams sold like crazy. you won't find them sitting on shelves. but of course the more limited shoes are the most sought after. its always been like that. when JB does limited drops like recently OVO XII or KAWS IV, people thirst for those just as much as any adidas yeezy.

They're massed produced. And I bet they would have the same numbers as Kobe's, KD's,and Lebrons.

if you're talking which Nikes sell more, Its still Jordan by far. For 2016, Jordan revenue ($2.8B) doubled Nike Basketball ($1.4B).

As a business as a whole yes. This is perfect for the nostalgia heads and business by the numbers. But for the long time collector it killed the hype and devalues anybody's shoe collection. 7-8 years ago I could have sold off my collection for 4X the retail easily. Now kids are asking below retail. it's ridiculous.

yeah thats where we differ. i'm not big on the value of my collection because I wear all my sneakers. i may have a few DS kicks but thats because I have not gotten around to wearing them.

What I'm saying is you can look it as 2 perspectives. You as an avid shoe collector and JB fan and me as an ol skool collector who's collection has been re-retroed to the gills and remembers a time when lining up for shoes was to keep in your collection.

It's a different era just like generation x to the millennials. I'm seeing from a different perspective

I hear you man. We don't disagree on much. At the end of the day, I just think its hard to compare the two when adidas is aiming towards a specific niche and nike is producing for the masses. I'm not disagreeing that Adidas is whats trending now. Jordan may not be popular with the resellers anymore but overall, they are still moving good numbers.
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