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Default Re: The 2008 Mock Draft Thread

Lottery Mock Draft 2.0

By Marny Navis
This is my second official mock draft of the season. I do not plan on making another one in a while, but I thought I'd hop on it after seeing the crazy turn of events with the Bulls, Heat, and, maybe more surprisingly, the Magic's rise to the top. Just a few notes, this draft does not reflect the current standings in the NBA right now. If I went by that, I would have Chicago in my top five, which I do not believe will happen. Also, I am not doing a full mock draft, I am only doing a lottery draft, because I feel I have not gathered enough information so far to go that deep into the draft. Well, here we go, you may start disecting my picks and giving your criticism. Enjoy!

1. Minnesota Timberwolves- O.J. Mayo, SG/PG, USC*

2. Seattle Supersonics- Derrick Rose, PG, Memphis*

3. Philadelphia 76ers- Michael Beasley, SF/PF, Kansas State*

4. New York Knicks- Eric Gordon, SG/PG, Indiana*

5. Miami Heat- DeAndre Jordan, C, Texas A&M*

6. Memphis Grizzlies- Kosta Koufos, C, Ohio State*

7. a-Phoenix Suns- Darrell Arthur, PF, Kansas

8. Portland Trailblazers- Nicolas Batum, SG/SF, France**

9. Washington Wizards- Kevin Love, PF, UCLA*

10. Golden State Warriors- Donte Greene, SF, Syracuse*

11. Indiana Pacers- Roy Hibbert, C, Georgetown

12. Charlotte Bobcats- Blake Griffin, PF, Oklahoma*

13. Sacramento Kings- Chase Budinger, SG/SF, Arizona

14. Los Angeles Clippers- Jerryd Bayless, PG/SG, Arizona*

a- Pick via Atlanta (Joe Johnson trade).
*- Denotes Freshman.
**-Nicolas Batum was born in 1988, making him eligible for the 2008 NBA Draft.

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