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Originally Posted by monthh
I find it hard to compare players because no one is a perfect match, but I see a little Leandro Barbosa in Gordon. I think the comparison on with Mitch Richmond would be pretty good as well, but I don't know if Gordon will be that good. It is hard to say someone will be one of the best scorers of his generation after 3 college games.

You also have to ask, could he be the next DaJuan Wagner, Harold Minor, Shawn Respert?

I loved Mitch Richmond's game.

Here is some recent stuff on Gordon:
''He's better than what I saw on tape, and he's as good as I ever saw on tape,'' Wilmington coach Benny Moss said. ''I don't know of any weaknesses. He can guard the ball. He can anticipate off the ball. He can really shoot it. He can really attack the rim in transition and finish. And he's a really good free-throw shooter. He's as good as I've played against.''

Gordon walks the court with a shoulders-back, light-toed gait that looks like a falcon considering either prey or pose. He has a dandy long-range jump shot -- he made 12 of his first 19 three-point attempts -- that sets up multigeared explosions to the basket.

In takeoff, flight and finish, he displays the kind of acceleration, power and hang time that hints at another No. 23 -- whom he has met."

IMO Gordon does not get anywhere close to as much love as he should on this board. I think he will be a better pro than Rose or Mayo.

He has MUCH more lift than people give him credit for, and is bigger than a Ben Gordon type. I've met BG and he is a lucky 6'1 even.

I've seen him and Rose live, and I am a BIG DRose fan.

But Gordon is the truth.
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