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Originally Posted by bigboi_baller
this is kind of random, but speaking of backup PGs. after watching jason hart for a year: doesn't he seem like an overrated defender? Before last season, he was hyped as a tough defensive minded player, but all I saw from him was a weird exagerrrated defensive stance.

Haha that's what I've been thinking too. His D isn't even that great, when he went into the game we got scored on AND couldn't scored. He didn't stop anybody at all. I'm not even sure how the hell he ever got the rep of being a good defender. You never saw us put him on the Nashs or Kobes of the world to try to stop them did you? Nope. It was always Garcia, Wells, KMart, or Bibby against PGs and he'd get burned badly but he had to be in the game for us to win anyway.
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