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Default Re: 2017 Draft Lottery Discussion

Originally Posted by NuggetsFan
The Lakers need that pick. 100%. Can't really even explain how important it is. This draft has some great prospects near the top. They could add a potential superstar next to Ingram/Randle/Russell. I think sliding Russell over to the SG spot next to Ball would benefit him alot as well. His physical tools have kinda limited what he can do creating vs others at the NBA level. The Lakers have good young talent, but IMO a step behind some other young squads and if they hit on this years pick that could potentially change.

Yeah this is the Lakers playoffs, the lottery Sad but true. Fans are not used to losing and tanking. Never been on this predicament, thanks to Jimbo and Mitch. But we did accumulated a lot of talents.

Ingram will be special once he gets it going, our go to guy so speak. He has the physical attributes to be great at both ends and has that 3 level skills for point of attack to be a franchise player. However, DLo is more of a point guard than Lonzo especially in a halfcourt setting. Lonzo do well in catch and shoot with that awkward release and also get most of his other FG on assisted lobs. Lonzo can set the pace though and move the ball quickly in transitional game. He can be that player that can find a good shot in 7 seconds or less.
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