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Default Re: 2017 Draft Lottery Discussion

Originally Posted by qrich
No kidding. The Washington Huskies lost more games by more than 15 than they did within 5 on top of the abysmal record.

Funny, because all advanced metrics point to Lonzo being a good shooter. Here's his attempts from 3 (yes, the college line but if you saw UCLA play more than once, you'd know that he took the majority of his threes from around and beyond the NBA arc) versus Fultz and some other "great" shooters. Now, this doesn't mean Lonzo is the best of the bunch but it is an absolute joke to say he can't shoot.

Lonzo: 41.2% from 3 on 5.2 attempts per game, 67.3% TS, 66.8% eFG
Fultz: 41.3% from 3 on 5 attempts per game, 55.8% TS, 53.5% eFG
Monk: 39.7% on 6.9 attempts, 58.5% TS, 54.3% eFG
Markkanen: 42.3% on 4.4 attempts, 63.5% TS, 58.4% eFG
Kennard: 43.8% on 5.4 attempts, 63% TS, 58.1% eFG
Grayson: 36.5% on 6.5 attempts, 57% TS, 51% eFG
Bryce: 43% on 7.5 attempts, 63% TS, 59.7% eFG

Myth debunked.

I didn't say he was a bad shooter but he's going to have to adjust that release form in the pros. No way they let you get away with that.

Just hope lakers get the pick
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