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Default Re: Bran Stans: Bran wins = GOAT Bran loses = no harm done

Originally Posted by egokiller
Did you hop on your alt just to type all this?

So pathetic and not even close to the truth. The only part that is true about your bitching is the bolded sections. I am a Cavs fan and your just some bitter little shit that is obsessed about the fact that I've been supporting my hometown team when you were in diapers and have no problem telling it like it is when it comes to Lebron. You try to discredit the facts I speak about Lebron by claiming I'm an alt of someone who doesn't post here anymore, because that's all you can do. You can't handle the fact that someone in Cleveland points out that your hero has lost in the finals more times than he's won, despite the fact that he won a title for us in 2016. Deal with it, and stop embarrassing yourself. It's pathetic. Lebron isn't the only person that plays for the Cavs. It's a team sport.

And this is why you have zero credibility on here. Go whine about Lebron coming up short somewhere else. No one gives a shit.

Again, pot meet kettle. Calling me an alt but I've been on this forum longer than you have and no, I've been here longer prior to 2012. You are an alt and I have proof.

So, who's alt am I? Typical ISH..Whenever you're getting your ass handed to you you say "LOLZ who's alt is this?" Shut the **** up.

You sure know a lot about this "other person" that doesn't post here anymore. I'm not discrediting what you say because you're an alt. I'm discrediting you because you make no ****ing sense. You contradict yourself. You have strawman arguments. I can go on and on.

I am 3 weeks older than LeBron, so I wasn't in diapers, dumb ass. I watched every Bulls series live. I've seen every game you saw because my uncle recorded everything and so did I. I had tapes of everything when I was a kid. You're pathetic as hell, dude. Trying to school someone like you're jlauber lol. You're "40" like that's some old age.

Please enlighten me. Please tell me who alt I am since you claim I'm an alt every time I destroy you. I have mountains of evidence you are Straight_Ballin. Unlike you and the other ass clowns here just because I have a thought doesn't mean I have to post a reply or a thread. "OMGLOLZ! LeBron went to the restroom at half-time! Let me post a thread!" That's you and your gang of fuzz nuts polluting this forum every chance you get. I eat mother****ers like you for breakfast. The mind****er You're the only one mind****ed on this forum. Retiring an account because you were dead wrong about "2/6." **** you.

What's next, **********? If the Cavs win and you post on your new account, what will the excuses be? No one is going to surpass your God. His career was a fairy tale but he lost multiple times in the 1st round. He didn't start winning anything until Pippen matured, the Lakers, Celtics and Pistons were no longer good. 1995 Orlando Magic ECSF series loss and forgotten by everyone. I wonder why? Oh yeah, he was "rusty." Let LeBron do the exact same thing and he would be crucified by everyone.

I will tear your punk ass to pieces but you're lucky I'm in a good mood. Don't **** with me. I hate cowards like you. It's the Internet. Who are you trying to impress? Does it feel good pretending to be a hot shot? Oops, you do know what it's like to pretend, you do it so well. You're a low life posing f*ggot that doesn't have the balls to post on his real account on a message forum. I'm the one's that pathetic? Look in the mirror, p*ssy.

By the way: Let's hear your convincing response to this:

What else you got? Please do something so I can expose you like the coward you are. You're not funny. You're not smart. You have no self-esteem. You're a loser. You're a virgin and not by choice. I cannot wait until you disappear again. That's what f*ggots like you do because you can't handle the heat. Be a man.
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