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Default Re: Pistons v. Celtics

I'd like to see Afflalo guard Allen. I think he can give him fits if he realizes he needs to stay close and not give up uncontested shots.

I'm fine with Rasheed on Garnett and Prince on Pierce. I don't think there's a team in the league that matches with them and counters their offense with good defense like the Pistons. Even when I look at the Spurs, I don't think Bowen can stop Pierce like Prince can.

Maxiell on Perkins should work, because he'll be able to provide help-side defense. If Perkins ends up going for 30, then Boston will win. As long as each position keeps with its matchup, Detroit will do fine.

I'm not convinced that Boston's frontcourt can stop Billups/Hamilton. They're not known as lock down defenders.
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