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Default Re: Adidas Owning the Performance Shoe Game Right Now

I picked up a pair of the Wiggins' shoes last fall, and they do really feel great. I have a pair of JordanXXX's, a pair of JordanXX9's, and a pair of Lebron's, and of them all, I wear the Wiggins' the most to play in, they feel that much better.

I'm tinkering with the idea of doing a pair of the Durant's, mostly because none of the Nike's I own have the bubble cushioning anymore, and it seems the Durant's are really the only really premium one they have that has it anymore. I tried a pair on, and they felt great.

But I'd also like to check out Addidas' other midsole cushion, the bounce, but it seems harder to find.

I'm also looking forward to Nike doing something with their new foamposite midsole that they just released, React, but it only seems to have hit the team shoe type stuff so far. Seems interesting though.
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